Ru-Torrent Mobile — Access Your Seedbox On The Go

Ru-Torrent Mobile is an ruTorrent-based client built with Flutter.

The app communicates with ruTorrent’s backend via REST APIs to display the information about the torrents and the functionality to control its basic features. It also supports some plugin functionalities as provided in the ruTorrent web.

The application makes it incredibly easy to access your seedbox from your mobile and gives direct control as well as real-time updates through exciting features. Lets dive in !

Add Torrent By URL or File from internal Storage

Add Torrent
Add Torrent

Real-Time Torrents download progress

View Torrents details

View RSS Feed

View RSS Filters

Stream Torrents from File Explorer

View History of all interactions with Torrents

Receive notifications for events

For more information head over to the GitHub Repository where you can find the code and documentation of the application.