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  • Abrar Syed

    Abrar Syed

  • Semi Koen

    Semi Koen

    Passionate about creating elegant software. Fuelled by iced coffees & witty words. Currently in Japan. Opinions are my own; often flawed

  • Jeremie Harris

    Jeremie Harris

    Co-founder of SharpestMinds, host of the Towards Data Science podcast. βš›οΈŽ Physics | πŸ€– Machine learning | πŸ€” Philosophy | πŸš€ Startups.

  • Aphinya Dechalert

    Aphinya Dechalert

    Code Things + Productivity, Freelancing & Ideas πŸŽͺ Follow me at twitter.com/dottedsquirrel 🌼 Free eBook in the works πŸ±β€πŸ’»

  • Simon Holdorf

    Simon Holdorf

    Maker β€” Coder β€” Writer | Let me inspire you

  • Randy Au

    Randy Au

    I stress about data quality a lot. Data nerd/scientist, camera junkie. Quant UXR @Google Cloud. Formerly @bitly, @Meetup, @primarydotcom. Opinions are my own.

  • DanielCoyle


    Author of The Talent Code and other books

  • Umamah Shahabuddin

    Umamah Shahabuddin

    Alpha Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador || CSE student || Web Dev

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