Five PRODUCTIVE Notion Templates by Thomas J Frank

Thomas J Frank YouTuber lying on the floor with multiple devices showing Notion Templates.

Thomas J Frank is a Youtuber who gives tips on studying techniques, destroying procrastination, note-taking strategies, overall productivity and much more. Regardless, I’ve loved his Notion Templates so I decided to compile all of them in one place. Enjoy !

1. The Ultimate Tasks and Projects Manager

If you want to seamlessly manage both daily tasks and large projects in Notion, this template is for you.

Quickly add tasks to the Inbox, manager you day or week with the Today and Next 7 Days views, add sub-tasks and recurring tasks, and even run huge projects with Trello-style board views.

Link to this template

2. Minimalist Habit Tracker

This template gives you a simple, easy-to-use habit tracker right inside of Notion.

Set up your weekly habits and goals, then instantly create a habit tracking worksheet you can use to check off your habits at the end of each day.

Link to this template.

3. The Ultimate Note-Taker

This template makes it easy to use Notion as your main note-taking system, replacing Evernote, OneNote, and other note-taking apps.

It’s build with a handy Inbox for quickly capturing notes on the go, smart sorting features like Sub-Notebooks and Statuses, and allows you to access all your Notebooks from the Notion sidebar.

Link to this template

4. Video Project Tracker

If you’re a YouTuber, video editor, or video producer, this Notion template is for you.

You can use the main table track and store all your video projects, and use the powerful project template to manager scripts, b-roll, and editing checklists all in one place.

Link to this template

5. Among Us Game Tracker [ kinda sus 👀 ]

This Notion template can make you a smarter crewmate…or a sneakier imposter.

With it, you can track potential imposters, learn the small details of each task (and catch players in lies), and memorize each game map more quickly.

Link to this template.

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