🔨 Breaking it down

To understand the process of why nostalgia hurts we need to first define the step-by-step breakdown of the whole process.

Mankind’s most complex problems were solved by breaking down things and understanding the small parts of huge systems.

📈 Steps

The Trigger

The memory is triggered by either a similar scenario from the past…

“The world runs on codes and ciphers John. From the Million-pound security system at the bank to the Pin machine you took exception to. Cryptography inhabits our every waking moment” — Sherlock Holmes

The desire of secrecy has led Nations to turn to cryptography for effective and safe communication by…

rTorrent is a BitTorrent Client written in C++ with a focus on high performance and good code. It’s one of the fastest BitTorrent clients out there.

ruTorrent is the web-interface for the Bit-Torrent Client rTorrent. They communicate with the XML-RPC protocol which is a type of Inter Process Communication (IPC).

ruTorrent-flutter is the mobile-interface for the Bit-Torrent Client rTorrent.

Since ruTorrent is an open-source web-application built by amazing people with a set of APIs which implements features and plugins such as downloading torrents from RSS feeds etc.

The RuTorrent-Flutter community have decided to use the ruTorrent’s APIs for implementing the ruTorrent-flutter Mobile Application instead of directly using rtorrent’s APIs.

I made a quick drawing to explain things better.

Links to all the projects :

RTorrent — https://github.com/rakshasa/rtorrent

RuTorrent — https://github.com/Novik/ruTorrent

RuTorrent-Flutter — https://github.com/CCExtractor/rutorrent-flutter

Abdul Malik

Love converting thoughts into code.

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