So I have been working on the ruTorrent Mobile Flutter application and noticed that a few people were facing issues in the setup and configuration. I myself faced some issues, and this article explains possible solutions and how to go about it.

My machine specifications :

Operating System : Windows 64 Bit

RAM : 8 GB

Processor : Intel Core i7 8th gen

The standard way of setting up the development environment of any application is to first and foremost refer the file of the GitHub Repository or join any online forum where the developers/moderators are avaiable for help.

rTorrent is a BitTorrent Client written in C++ with a focus on high performance and good code. It’s one of the fastest BitTorrent clients out there.

ruTorrent is the web-interface for the Bit-Torrent Client rTorrent. They communicate with the XML-RPC protocol which is a type of Inter Process Communication (IPC).

ruTorrent-flutter is the mobile-interface for the Bit-Torrent Client rTorrent.

Since ruTorrent is an open-source web-application built by amazing people with a set of APIs which implements features and plugins such as downloading torrents from RSS feeds etc.

The RuTorrent-Flutter community have decided to use the ruTorrent’s APIs for implementing the ruTorrent-flutter Mobile Application instead of directly using rtorrent’s APIs.

I made a quick drawing to explain things better.

Links to all the projects :

RTorrent —

RuTorrent —

RuTorrent-Flutter —

So you want to prepare for technical interviews and you bumped into , and you’re not sure whether you should purchase the course or not.

What is AlgoExpert ? in short :

  • 100 Coding Questions with clear video solutions
  • Founder is an Ex-Google engineer

visit the website for a more detailed explanation.

I’m in no way affiliated to AlgoExpert nor are there any affiliate links in this article.

To give some background about myself, I’ve completed all 100 questions on AlgoExpert recently.

Posted my story on Reddit and received 2.4k up-votes so thought of sharing this with the Medium family too.

4 months ago, i had no idea what app development was or how apps were made. I am a CS undergrad but still a newbie in programming. Knew a few sorting algorithms in C and that’s it.

One day i gave an exam and almost flunked it because we couldn’t find proper resources to learn from and we started pretty late. …

“ Hey Malik, Can you build this App by Tomorrow? “

But its Impossible to make an App in a day !

Yep, that’s what I told my friend who needed an app ASAP.

To give some background, he started distributing food packets to daily wage laborers since the COVID-19 pandemic worsened. He started small, with only 50 people showing up the first day, 100 on the second, gradually increasing, and now distributes to a 1000 people (Huge thanks to all the people who donated).

He asked me to build a phone number verification system, which would allow him to…

Firebase Firestore

In this article we will be exploring the art of designing data models for Firebase to make it super easy to store and retrieve them.

When we design a data model in our application for any entity say, a person.

We build a class with its

  • Properties
  • A constructor to initialize the object
  • Its methods (if needed)

Lets look at an example below :

class Person{
int id;
String name;
String phoneNumber;
String address;

// I used named arguments for the constructor available in Dart

Okay, so that was a Data Model, but how does Firebase fit into this?

Storing data in Firestore

Cloud Firestore supports a variety of…

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