Study Collab Alicia Showing Multiple Devices with Notion Templates.

is a Youtuber with 12M+ views who gives tips on revision methods, studying techniques, and creating beautiful notes. Regardless, I’ve loved her Notion Templates so I decided to compile all of them in one place. Enjoy !

1. The Ultimate University Workspace

Here you can organize your university or school work by subject.


Thomas J Frank YouTuber lying on the floor with multiple devices showing Notion Templates.
Thomas J Frank

is a Youtuber who gives tips on studying techniques, destroying procrastination, note-taking strategies, overall productivity and much more. Regardless, I’ve loved his Notion Templates so I decided to compile all of them in one place. Enjoy !

1. The Ultimate Tasks and Projects Manager

If you want to seamlessly manage both daily tasks and…

is an -based client built with Flutter.

The app communicates with ruTorrent’s backend via REST APIs to display the information about the torrents and the functionality to control its basic features. It also supports some plugin functionalities as provided in the ruTorrent web.

🔨 Breaking it down

To understand the process of why nostalgia hurts we need to first define the step-by-step breakdown of the whole process.

Mankind’s most complex problems were solved by breaking down things and understanding the small parts of huge systems.

📈 Steps

The Trigger

The memory is triggered by either a similar scenario from the past…

“The world runs on codes and ciphers John. From the Million-pound security system at the bank to the Pin machine you took exception to. Cryptography inhabits our every waking moment” — Sherlock Holmes

The desire of secrecy has led Nations to turn to cryptography for effective and safe communication by…

is a Youtuber who focuses on productivity and he’s an advocate of using Notion as a “second brain”. Regardless I've loved his templates so I decided to compile all of them in one place. Enjoy !

1. The Resonance Calendar

Anytime I come across anything at all that resonates with me, I…

Ethereum gas unit gas station blockchain smart contract ELI5

This article assumes you have at least a vague idea of what a blockchain is.

We all know that hosting any kind of content on the internet requires some amount of capital. …

So I have been working on the ruTorrent Mobile Flutter application and noticed that a few people were facing issues in the setup and configuration. I myself faced some issues, and this article explains possible solutions and how to go about it.

My machine specifications :

Operating System : Windows…

rTorrent is a BitTorrent Client written in C++ with a focus on high performance and good code. It’s one of the fastest BitTorrent clients out there.

ruTorrent is the web-interface for the Bit-Torrent Client rTorrent. They communicate with the XML-RPC protocol which is a type of Inter Process Communication (IPC).

ruTorrent-flutter is the mobile-interface for the Bit-Torrent Client rTorrent.

Since ruTorrent is an open-source web-application built by amazing people with a set of APIs which implements features and plugins such as downloading torrents from RSS feeds etc.

The RuTorrent-Flutter community have decided to use the ruTorrent’s APIs for implementing the ruTorrent-flutter Mobile Application instead of directly using rtorrent’s APIs.

I made a quick drawing to explain things better.

Links to all the projects :

RTorrent —

RuTorrent —

RuTorrent-Flutter —

So you want to prepare for technical interviews and you bumped into , and you’re not sure whether you should purchase the course or not.

What is AlgoExpert ? in short :

  • 100 Coding Questions with clear video solutions
  • Founder is an Ex-Google engineer

visit the for a…

Abdul Malik

Love converting thoughts into code.

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