10 Campus Ambassador Programs you can apply for right now

Campus Ambassadors act as the connection between a company and the university they are studying in. Oftentimes they are assigned tasks to conduct events or workshops for specific technologies which helps in improving leadership skills, public speaking and team management.

Companies or Organizations further provide funding and additional perks for the organizers. Becoming a Campus Ambassador and bringing a new student club to your university is definitely an exceptional learning opportunity and great way to show your communication skills in an interview.

I’ve compiled 10 Campus Ambassador programs for you to apply, enjoy!

1. Google Developer Student Club

2. Microsoft Student Partner

3. Github Campus Expert

4. AWS Educate Student Ambassador Program

5. Alexa Student Influencer Program

6. Interviewbit Campus Ambassador Program

7. Geeksforgeeks Campus Ambassador Program

8. Paytm Campus Ambassador Program

9. Internshala Campus Ambassador Program

10. Oneplus

[Bonus] Google Crowdsource Influencer

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Love converting thoughts into code.

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Abdul Malik

Abdul Malik

Love converting thoughts into code.

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