🛠️ Getting started with ruTorrent-Flutter Setup and Configuration

Thank you for showing interest in our rutorrent-flutter project. If you haven’t looked at the README on the GitHub page of the project yet, I would suggest you to do that first, so that you have an idea of what the application does. Using the app means you either need a seedbox account, or a local installation of rutorrent. If you get stuck installing rtorrent locally, you can try out the Docker file we provide instead (this command should work for you: sudo docker run -p 5000:8080 crazymax/rtorrent-rutorrent). It’ll run both rtorrent and rutorrent inside the container. Once it’s running (refer to the README on how to do that), you should be able to access the rutorrent web interface on http://localhost:5000. To connect the app with rutorrent running on your system, make sure you connected to the same network and enter a combination of the IP of your local PC (i.e. and the port number as URL (i.e., with a blank username/password. If you still have trouble at this point, feel free to ask us

> docker pull crazymax/rtorrent-rutorrent
> docker run -p 5000:8080 crazymax/rtorrent-rutorrent
> docker run -d --name rtorrent_rutorrent   --ulimit nproc=65535   --ulimit nofile=32000:40000   -p 6881:6881/udp   -p 8000:8000   -p 8080:8080   -p 9000:9000   -p 50000:50000   -v $(pwd)/data:/data   -v $(pwd)/downloads:/downloads   -v $(pwd)/passwd:/passwd   crazymax/rtorrent-rutorrent:latest

Note : This is a linux command. To make this work in windows powershell you need to replace the “ ( “ with a “ { “. For example : (pwd) becomes {pwd}.

> docker pull diameter/rtorrent-rutorrent
> docker run -dt --name rtorrent-rutorrent -p 8080:80 -p 49160:49160/udp -p 49161:49161 -v ~/test:/downloads diameter/rtorrent-rutorrent:latest



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