🛠️ Getting started with ruTorrent-Flutter Setup and Configuration

> docker pull crazymax/rtorrent-rutorrent
> docker run -p 5000:8080 crazymax/rtorrent-rutorrent
> docker run -d --name rtorrent_rutorrent   --ulimit nproc=65535   --ulimit nofile=32000:40000   -p 6881:6881/udp   -p 8000:8000   -p 8080:8080   -p 9000:9000   -p 50000:50000   -v $(pwd)/data:/data   -v $(pwd)/downloads:/downloads   -v $(pwd)/passwd:/passwd   crazymax/rtorrent-rutorrent:latest
> docker pull diameter/rtorrent-rutorrent
> docker run -dt --name rtorrent-rutorrent -p 8080:80 -p 49160:49160/udp -p 49161:49161 -v ~/test:/downloads diameter/rtorrent-rutorrent:latest




Love converting thoughts into code.

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Abdul Malik

Abdul Malik

Love converting thoughts into code.

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